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This blog was originally created for American Citizens for Justice (ACJ) as (all content prior to January 2012), but it has since relaunched as an independent project of Frances Kai-Hwa Wang as So I include some background and contact information for American Citizens for Justice here so that you can contact them directly.

American Citizens for Justice (ACJ) the Asian American Center for Justice

American Citizens for Justice (ACJ) is a 501c3 nonprofit Asian Pacific American civil rights advocacy organization founded in 1983 after the brutal baseball bat beating death of 27-year-old Chinese American Vincent Chin, in response to the state court probation sentences given to the two men who killed him.

Contact American Citizens for Justice
PO Box 851163
Westland, MI 48185
(248) 347-1663

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American Citizens for Justice Mission

--To provide civil rights advocacy and education on behalf of the Asian Pacific American community in Michigan.

--To work in coalition with other civil rights organizations for the advancement of Asian Pacific Americans and other communities of color.
--To promote better understanding of the needs of the Asian Pacific American community in the Detroit area.

American Citizens for Justice Mission Statement:

American Citizens for Justice, a 510(c)3 non-profit organization, was formed on March 30, 1983, to restore justice in the Vincent Chin case, and to prevent like injustices in the future.  ACJ is a coalition organization initially consisting of many well-established Asian-American community groups in Metropolitan Detroit, with several being local affiliates of national organizations.  The immediate goal of the ACJ is to insure that justice is served in the case of Vincent Chin.  As responsible American citizens, members of ACJ believe that a grievous miscarriage in our judicial system has taken place.  The manner in which the case was handled is not only an affront to the Asian American community, but is a disgrace to all citizens from all walks of life.  The uniform response and support of the general public on ACJ's position on the case is testimony to the stand taken on the Vincent Chin case by ACJ.  A wrong of immeasurable magnitude took place when the two defendants who bludgeoned Vincent Chin to death were permitted to go free on probation.  In this case, it is clear that the punishment did not fit the criminal, nor did it fit the crime. Clearly, one cannot ignore the issue of racism against Asian Americans,which comes into focus when one views the facts surrounding the death of Vincent Chin.  The ACJ will work toward eradicating racism in any form, especially against Asian Americans.  It is counterproductive and unconscionable to permit racism to exist in American society. The ACJ feels that attitudes and stereotypes regarding any individual's race, sex, religion, color, or national origin go against the very principles of equality and justice guaranteed to all Americans.   Through its efforts on the Vincent Chin case, the ACJ hopes to promote unity among various ethnic groups, and better understanding of the needs of the Asian American community in Detroit and across the nation, and to build and maintain lasting relationships with all groups of people.

American Citizens for Justice Programs

Speaker Program – speakers are available to speak on Asian Pacific American civil rights issues

Advocacy – members are available to meet with school administrators, counselors, students, and employers to facilitate tolerance and mutual understanding

Attorney Committee – attorneys are available to evaluate potential cases and give referrals

Education – educational programs and curriculum development on Asian Pacific American History and the Law (UM American Cultures 301 and UM Dearborn Sociology 290H)

Court Watch – members of the community help monitor cases that may have civil rights implications

Coalition Building – network with other civil rights organizations

Vincent Chin Scholarship – scholarships are available to first year law students who have an interest in serving the APA community

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