Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jon Jang on "Are You Chinese or Charlie Chan?" #iamvincentchin

From jazz musician Jon Jang, reprinted with permission:

My personal statement about the murder of Vincent Chin on my second recording Are You Chinese or Charlie Chan? in 1983. This is the first and only recording that has Jon Jang, Francis Wong, Fred Ho, Mark Izu and Anthony Brown. After this recording, all of the Asian American musicians on this recording made their first recording as a leader: Fred (1985), Mark (1992), Francis (1993), Anthony (1996).The confluence of different struggles such as Redress & Reparations, Vincent Chin, Pilipino national movement (Marcos passing in 1986), anti-immigrant legislation, etcJon Jang & the Pan Asian Arkestra formed in 1988.

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