Saturday, June 23, 2012

Remembering Vincent Chin Postcard Project during VC30 National Townhall Google Hangout

What does the #vincentchin case mean to me? How does the #vchin case inspire me? Tweet w tag @fkwang and #vc30 for

Ellie ‏@ErrieWirriams
@fkwang #vincentchin case inspired me to work w/ a friend to start an API heritage club in school and start dialogue on race issues.

Jenn Reappropriate ‏@reappropriate
@fkwang I Am a Child of the Vincent Chin Tragedy | #VC30 #neverforget RT "What does the#vincentchin case mean to u?"

Edward Hong via Facebook: What does the Vincent Chin case mean to me? - It means that I can never assume ignorance, hatred & violence is beyond my skin color. It means that I can never remain silent when injustice happens to not only me as Asian American but to all who suffer.

L Chang via email: I read the column in the NY Times (by Frank H. Wu) this week on the anniversary of Vincent Chin's murder. I remember quite well this terrible event at the peak of the Japanese hate wave back in the 80s. I was in college then. Being of Chinese descent myself and having learned in school how Japanese-Americans were interned in camps during WWII, I started getting uneasy. I started getting very self conscious of my ethnic identity. My uneasiness hasn't gone away, in fact has gotten stronger. It's not popular being Asian nowadays. Believe me, I've experienced my fair share of discrimination and stereotyping in this country. One learns to grow a thick skin, but things should not be this way.

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