Saturday, June 23, 2012

from Patricia Wong Hall, about her book, "Anti-Asian Violence in North America," on hate crimes, APAs, Asian Canadians

Greetings --
I just found your url on Vincent Chin. I've been doing research on
hate crimes, APAs and Asian Canadians for decades (3rd link below is
my book); have given many talks, published a number of articles to
educate people. You've asked "What does Vincent Chin mean to you?" I
compiled and edited this volume in the 90s because nothing like it
existed back then (or even today). It's a topic that is hard for most
folks, but I figured someone had to do it. Vincent's story is in my
book, along with many others. I signed on my co-author (lawyer,
Victor Hwang) to help w/ the manuscript when I had to go to India to
do some graduate research and thankfully, he agreed to come on board.
Several civil rights lawyers contributed articles, along w/ writers,
professionals, and others. Howard Zinn was one of the book reviewers;
also several lawyers and professors. A former human rights
commissioner in Canada wrote an item for the volume. I wrote the
foreword and epilogue. After I attended a writers' conference in
Canada in the 90s, I decided to include Asian Canadians in this book.
There are a number of events commemorating Vincent this month. Please
pass along my flier below and ask people to get a copy of the book
from (rather than on Amazon) so that thecollective writers will, perhaps earn a few bucks in royalties.

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