Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crossing Boundaries and Standing Up for Justice Together. NoH8. Remembering Vincent Chin - NAM EthnoBlog

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang in New America Media's Ethnoblog:
What does one wear to a gay pride event?
Something fabulous, certainly. But I am such an awkward dresser, I worry and I fret.
Oh! If only I had one of George Takei’s “It’s OK to be Takei” t-shirts. That would have been the perfect connector between the Asian American and LGBT communities. Instead, I opt for urban black, add my most fabulous big red hat, and try as best as I can to channel George Takei’s black t-shirt cool.
Think cool. Gotta be cool.
The very cool Oakland County Commissioner Craig Covey had asked me to speak about the Vincent Chin case at Ferndale Pride‘s Light the Night against Hate, a family-friendly candle-lit walking tour around downtown Ferndale for folks from all backgrounds to “learn more about historical and contemporary issues surrounding hate in our schools and communities, including hateful speech in social media and online bullying…[and] to visibly unite against hate.”
It was a beautiful and warm Friday night, lots of folks downtown, laughter and music spilling out of all the restaurants and bars.

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